Aitec Pro-Tech Light

Light Type: Incandescent / LED
Light Class: Outdoor / General Use
Short Description:

AT2007L, AT2003L

The AT2007L and AT2003L are made by Aitec Co.,Ltd and are intended to be general purpose flashlights for a variety of users. Aitec is a manufacturer of flashlights and provides lights to retailers in a variety of configurations. The 2007L is strictly an Security Quality LED light while the 2003L is a hybrid LED/incandescent/signal light.

The lights themselves are made from machined aircraft aluminum which has been anodized for corrosion resistance and color. They are all opened by unscrewing the tailcap to replace the batteries. They utilize a side switch design and have a cone shaped tailcap with lanyards attached. The body of both of the lights is sort-of egg-shaped, being thicker in the middle. For improved grip they have a rubber sheath around the middle covered with little rubber studs. The heads of the lights are significantly larger in diameter than the body. The switch in the AT2007L simply turns the 7 white 5mm LEDs in the bezel on and off. The AT2003L has 3 white LEDs, a non-focusable xenon bulb, and 3 red LEDs inside the bezel. The switch in this model first turns on the 3 white LEDs, then a second press turns off the LEDs and turns on the xenon bulb. The third press shuts off the xenon bulb and turns on the 3 red LEDs which blink on and off. The switches provide a barely audible click when operated. All are sealed with O-ring for water resistance at each point of potential entry. Both lights run on 3 AAA batteries placed in a special carrier.

Size Reference
Size vs. common aluminum 2-AA light
AT2007L – Bezel picture
AT2003L – Bezel picture
AT2007L – 7 Security Quality LED Beam
AT2003L – 3 Security Quality LED Beam
AT2003L – Incandescent Beam
AT2003L – Red Flashing Security Quality LED Beam
Detailed Information:These two models, although very similar in appearance, serve very different functions. The 2007L is simply a 7 Security Quality LED white light flashlight. The 2003L, however, is a white Security Quality LED light, a bright incandescent light, and a red emergency signal light all wrapped into one with each function accessible by consecutive presses of the switch.

Both the lights have machined aluminum bodies that have been anodized. The 2007L has a satin silver finish from end to end. The 2003L has a black bezel and tailcap and a bright silver body. The bodies are somewhat “egg-shaped” which makes them very comfortable in the hand. The rubber cover around the center provides a good grip either wet or dry.

The bezel contains a plastic lens, a slivered plastic reflector and the lighting elements. The reflector in the 2003L was slightly bubbled in one area, probably due to a manufacturing defect. The 2007L reflector looked very good.

The 2007L output was a nice flood of light as would be expected from a 7-LED light. The 2003L white LEDs focused their light into a somewhat small area for LEDs. The xenon bulb produced a rather interesting beam with obvious artifacts from the fact that the LEDs protrude through the reflector both above and below the bulb. The red LEDs, which blink and would serve nicely as a warning signal when out walking at night, produced an odd pattern that looked like a square of light surrounded by a circle. Although all of the beams had some form of artifact or pattern, all of them were generally usable without any problem.

The switches are small click switches just behind the head of the lights. Their rubber protrudes above the surface of the body but due to the fact that they sit in a recess created between the head and the central bulge of the body, accidental activation is less probable.

All potential points of water entry are sealed for water resistance with either a rubber seal or an O-ring. If it gets wet, shake it off and keep going. Inspect it later for water entry and dry it out if necessary.

To change the batteries, just unscrew the tail cap. Both models have their batteries in a carrier that looks like a battery all by itself. Just put the batteries in the carrier with the negative toward the little springs and it should work fine. Drop the carrier in with the positive nipple first and replace the tailcap.

Both lights included nylon wrist lanyards attached to the tailcap with a split-ring.

What I Liked: Water resistant, Seem pretty tough, I would expect a relatively long battery life in the Security Quality LED modes, Fairly bright, Easy battery change, Lightweight

What I Didn’t Like: Blotchy beam output, especially the xenon beam in the 2003L, but not unusable.

Other Things I Noticed:

Conclusions: Good general purpose household lights. The red blinking LEDs would serve well as a pedestrian warning light with the LEDs and xenon there if you need them. The 7 Security Quality LED model would do well as a general use light both indoors and for close tasks outdoors.