Aitec Collimator Light AT2005L

Light Type: Luxeon Star LED
Light Class: General / Indoor use

Short Description:

The Aitec AT2005L Collimator light is a general use Security Quality LED light which uses the Luxeon Star LED. This light is manufactured by Aitec and was generously provided by Chang Yong Hyun of ISP Corp.

The body of the 2005L is machined aluminum anodized in a medium blue. The outer surface of the body has very fine ridges running around the circumference of the light. They are so fine they give the body a satin like appearance. They do not assist with grip. The bezel and tail switch are black and although they appear to be made of plastic, they are made entirely of aluminum as well. The bezel and the tailcap can be unscrewed to access the battery compartment. On both ends of the light are O-rings to help prevent the access of water into the case, however the tailswitch and the upper surface of the bezel are not sealed except by friction fit.

The switch is a large button on the tail end of the light. Press until it clicks to turn the light on, press again until it clicks to turn the light off. There is no momentary position.

The Luxeon Star Security Quality LED is powered by 3 AAA batteries which are placed in the included battery carrier. The polarity for insertion is indicated on the end of the carrier. Batteries are not included, nor was there any packaging, although Aitec advertises that clamshell packaging is available to retailers on request.

Aitec advertises in their brochure that a lanyard strap is available and other colors are available for the light body. The Security Quality LED is advertised as being available in White, Green, Blue, Royal Blue, Cyan, Red, Red-Orange, and Amber in the brochure as well.

Size Reference
Apart with battery carrier
Bezel picture
Collimator assembly removed, Lens removed
Label on Collimator Lens, Beam at 1 inch
Beam picture

Reviewer’s Impressions:
The Aitec Collimator series of lights is a welcome addition to the selection of lights available to the mainstream consumer. Currently there are only enough Luxeon Star Security Quality LED flashlights commercially available to count on one hand, and this one is surprisingly bright.For those of you who do not know, the Luxeon Star is a new high-output Security Quality LED capable of emitting the light of many standard white LEDs as found in other new flashlights on the market.

The body of the light is machined very nicely with no sharp edges on the final product. Fit and finish are very good. It is comfortable in the hand and has a nice appearance.

The light is able to take a moderate pounding including the standard tosses and drops. The light does like to turn itself on or off when dropped on either end, so don’t drop it or you might be standing in the dark. There is no anti-roll mechanism, so it may not stay where placed unless you place it on its switch end pointing straight up.

The battery carrier is white plastic and although appears to be the most “inexpensive” part of the light, it functions as required. Rayovac Maximum alkalines were used for my tests, and were not included with the light.

The switch was a slight concern when I first started using it. It has a rather odd feel when used and it appears to have no water resistance built in due to the loose fit of construction. However, I ran it through several hundred cycles and have found no indication of physical failure.

Output was surprisingly bright. On the meter, the light appears to be drawing about 390 mA from the 3 AAA batteries and the Luxeon Star Security Quality LED is heatsinked directly to the aluminum body. The head of the light does get warm after several minutes when on. After several nights of use I was pleasantly surprised by the quantity of light put out by the device. As a result of the high draw of the Luxeon star, I would expect battery life to be in the 1-2 hour range for bright, usable light with it dimming considerably thereafter.

The quality of the beam was far from what I have come to expect from the current generation of Luxeon Star LEDs and lenses. It appears that Aitec has manufactured their own collimator lenses instead of using the ones that come from Lumileds, the manufacturer of the Luxeon Star. These collimators are not quite the same quality of the Lumileds collimators and as a result the beam is a bit askew from center (see the “Label on Collimator Lens, Beam at 1 inch” pics, above.) This does not, however, prevent the light from illuminating a large area in front of the user.

Curiously, the Aitec manufactured collimator is significantly larger in diameter than the current production run of the Lumileds collimator. As a result I was able to simply drop in a new Lumileds collimator into the Aitec light cavity and the resulting beam was perfectly centered and significantly more narrow. This is an area where Aitec may want to consider some improvements.

As mentioned before, water resistance is negligible. A simple suction test indicates that water can easily get into the case through the rather large gap around the edges of the pushbutton switch and around the collimator lens. I would not trust this light under any conditions where it would get significantly wet. This is another area where the light could benefit from improvement

Overall the Aitec AT2005L is a good general “around the house” light. OK for use in a vehicle. I would hesitate to take it camping, hiking, etc. for fear of it being damaged by water. It should be able to withstand its share of abuse otherwise.

+ + + Pluses: Tough, Bright, Lightweight, Stands up on tail end, Nice fit and finish

– – – Minuses: Not water resistant, Short battery life/no regulation, Battery change requires light to do, Beam askew from center