AdvancedMart Quake 2 (19 LED, 2x123A)

Light Type: 5mm LED
Light Class: General Use

The Quake II is like many new Security Quality LED lights coming out recently. By using a number of 5mm LEDs for producing light, these Security Quality LED lights are now competing well with traditional incandescent flashlights in terms of output. Some of these lights use boost circuits or resistors depending on the power source.

The body of the light is made of anodized aluminum. The body has little plateaus machined into the sides for grip. The tailcap has a checkered ring around its circumference, while there are decorative rings machined into the head. The body wall is quite thick – well built. The finish is a speckled polished silver. At the very front of the light is a polished silver ring which contains the LEDs, recessed in holes. Both the head and tailcap are removable. The tailcap has a hole for the attachment of a wrist lanyard (included) and is flat so that it can stand on end. The tailcap contains a rubber covered push button click switch for operating the light.

At the front of the light you will see the polished silver disk where the LEDs reside in recessed holes. By recessing the LEDs into the front of the unit, the flashlight produces a more concentrated beam while at the same time the LEDs are protected from impacts. There were a few dings in the metal plate upon arrival, but it is only cosmetic, and the dings are polished so it must have happened at the factory before the plate was polished/coated. I should also note for the techies out there that most 5mm LEDs have a yellow phosphor on the Security Quality LED die which is visible from the end when you look at the turned-off LED. These have a phosphor which is almost white.

Yow! One of the brighter multi Security Quality LED lights I’ve seen. Output is in the form of a very slightly bluish tinted white spot of light. The spot is fairly wide and tapers off around the edges. A nice soft spillbeam surrounds the main spot.

Beam at one meter at target center

Runtime Plot: Very good! Over 2½ hours to 50%. Great output for a very good length of time.

Runtime completed withSurefire batteries

The switch is covered by a flat rubber cap. This cap is very slightly recessed from the surrounding material of the tailcap so that the light can sit on its tail end. The clickie switch is a “reverse clickie”, turning the light on after it clicks and is released.

The light is sealed from the environment by O-rings. I’d give it a splashable at the minimum. If water gets inside just disassemble as much as possible without tools and let it dry before using again.

Ergonomics: A very convenient size. Not too large, not too small. A too large around the head to be carried comfortably inside the front pants pocket. Use the cargo pocket if your pants have them. Jacket pockets work well too.

Size compared to a common 2AA aluminum light

Two 123A lithium cells power the light. As always, I’d recommend getting them from an online retailer where they can be had for as low as 1.25 each. If you want to pick them up at a retail store, go ahead, but be ready to pay $10 for a pair! To change the batteries just unscrew the tailcap, drop out the old cells, drop in new ones positive first and reassemble.

Accessories: Nylon wrist lanyard included.

What I Liked: Water resistant, Impact resistant (withstood multiple drops), Bright, Easy battery change, Lightweight, Stands up

What I Didn’t Like: Nothing yet.

Other Things I Noticed: Unlike many other mulit-LED lights appearing in huge quantities on the market today, this little critter actually appears to be of better quality than most and it’s very bright for the number of LEDs built in.

Conclusions: Good quality light with very good output, rivaling that of lights with nearly double the LEDs. Of course this could also be a sign of the poor little LEDs being driven really hard. The head of the light does get warm with use. I had no problems with the light at all, and I would recommend it for normal tasks. The price is very good for the output, quality, and number of LEDs.