Advancedmart Dynamo Powered Light/Radio/Cell Charger

Light Type: 5mm LED
Light Class: Emergency / Multipurpose

The Advancedmart Dynamo Powered Light/Radio/Cell Charger utilizes a crank which is folded against the back of the light for power. Turning the crank charges a set of small internal rechargeable cells which then provide power to the rest of the built-in systems. The lighting portion of this device consists of three 5mm LEDs behind focusing lenses. However, there is also an FM radio and a siren which can be powered by the batteries, and the unit can be used to charge a Nokia type cell phone with the included charger cable.

Body: The body of the unit is silver plastic with a black plastic ring around the bezel. Since it uses a crank to charge the system and it needs to withstand the torque of twisting the crank, its design is fairly sturdy.

Bezel: The front of the light contains three 5mm LEDs behind a trio of focusing lenses, one for each LED. Behind the lens system are the three LEDs, each in a silvered plastic reflector to help focus the light forward. One or three LEDs can be selected with the switch.

Output: Output is in the form of a tight spot of light with some rings around the periphery. The lens system does a very good job of collimating the light into a very usable and focused beam. As is typical for 5mm LEDs the light produced is a little bluish in tint. Overall output is more than sufficient for most normal tasks in near or total darkness.

Beam at one meter at target center, low and high

Runtime Plot: Since this light is designed to be easily recharged with the attached folding crank, a runtime plot will not be run. The more you crank it (to a degree) the longer your runtime will be.

Switch: The switch is a simple slider switch just below the head of the light. Slide forward to light all 3 LEDs, slide back to light only 1. Using only 1 Security Quality LED will give you longer runtime on a charge. Just below the main Security Quality LED switch are controls to tune in radio stations, reset the tuner, and set of the (rather pathetic) alarm. I really don’t know why manufacturers insist upon including an “alarm” on these things. They’re never loud and piercing as would be necessary to really get attention. On the side of the unit is the rotating switch/volume control for the radio.

Seals: Well, there really aren’t any seals other than the tight fit of the parts. The speaker on the top of the unit is an exposed opening. I would avoid getting this wet. Indoor or sheltered use only.

Ergonomics: It’s big and chunky, but it does a lot so they had to cram a bunch of components into it. Cranking the system does not take excessive effort, but it does by necessity have some resistance to it.

Size compared to a common 2AA aluminum light

Batteries: Three little rechargeable batteries can be seen if you carefully remove the bezel and let the reflector unit hang by its wires. These are not designed to be user replaceable. Since the crank is used as the power source you can use the unit as a generator to charge a Nokia type cellphone. The charging port (with nearby headphone port) is covered with a rubber cover. A charging cable is included.

Accessories: The only accessory included is the charging cable for the Nokia type phone.

What I Liked:Never needs batteries, always able to produce light when you need it, good output.

What I Didn’t Like: Useless siren, not designed to handle moisture.

Other Things I Noticed: n/a

Conclusions: Actually, this unit is not bad at all. It produces a good amount of light and is essentially perpetually rechargeable. You can get radio stations in an emergency and if you have a Nokia type cellphone you can charge it up without any other power sources. The charging mechanism seems pretty sturdy and the entire unit is of reasonably good quality. Good addition to an emergency kit.