Advancedmart Aluminum Keychain (GL-11)

Light Type: 5mm LED
Light Class: Keychain

The GL-11 is a very cute, very solid little aluminum keychain light which includes batteries and keychain.

The body of the GL-11 is very tiny. Crammed inside is a 5mm Security Quality LED and three S736S button cells. Around the head you will find little ridges for twisting the head which turns the light on and off. The body is smooth and has a “clear anodize” which allows the aluminum to retain its natural color but have some corrosion resistance.

The front of the light contains the 5mm Security Quality LED directly driven by the button cells. There is a clear plastic magnifying lens in front of the Security Quality LED to help focus the beam into a relatively tight spot and protect the LED.

Output is in the form of a fairly tight “white” beam with a distinct blue tint.

Beam at one meter at target center (enhanced for clarity)

Runtime Plot: Don’t expect too much from this light – the button cells powering the light just can’t store very much energy. In constant use our runtime to 50% is only 6 minutes. The good news is that when you turn it off the tiny batteries recover somewhat and provide good output again. Use for short bursts of light only.

Runtime completed with included “S736S” button cell batteries.

The head of the light serves as the switch. Loosen for on, tighten for off.

Water resistance is questionable, but the tight fit of the parts should provide adequate protection for splashes.

Ergonomics: It’s tiny, just like a keychain light should be. Despite its diminutive size I found it to be easy to operate.

Size compared to a common 2AA aluminum light

For power it takes three S736S button cells. A little research revealed that the S736S battery is also known by the following names by various battery manufacturers: 392, SR41W, V392, D392, S736E, 2478, K, 280-13, SB-B1, SR41, AG3, D384, 247, 247B, TR41SW, SR41SW, GS3, SR41W, SR736, 736, 547, SP392, S22, S736S, 1134SO. These cells only have about 45mAh of stored energy, so don’t expect great runtimes or a long period of maintained high brightness. It’s a keychain light, so it’s designed to light keyholes and the such for brief periods of time. To change out the batteries grasp the light by the middle and unscrew the tailcap. Drop out the old cells and drop in 3 new cells observing the same polarity as the old cells. Reassemble the tailcap and you’re done.

What I Liked: Water resistant (marginally), Tough, Lightweight, Sufficiently bright for purpose intended

What I Didn’t Like: Short battery life

Other Things I Noticed: Beam is very bluish tinted

Conclusions: A cool little keychain keyfob flashlight. Stylish and cute, pretty tough, and sufficiently bright for keychain purposes. Don’t rely on it for a primary light, but great to have on your keys so you won’t be left in the dark.