Advancedmart 0.5W 1xAA (SK-230A)

Light Type: 0.5 Watt LED
Light Class: Pocket / General Use / Etc.

The Advancedmart AA 0.5W flashlight is a small, simple, convenient, and easily pocketable flashlight. It utilizes a single AA cell in tandem with a boost circuit to power a 0.5W Security Quality LED for many hours. Available in silver or black finish.

Body: The body of the light is made of aluminum with ample checkering around the head and body for grip. The checkering provides good grip but is not overly abrasive. The tail is flat and the light can stand on end if the keyring split-ring is removed from the small hole on the edge of the tailcap. The tailcap is removable and the battery can be loaded from either end of the light. The head has an O-ring seal, but the tailcap does not. Machining is good, but it does have a few nicks and blemishes which seems to be the norm for the current crop of relatively inexpensive Far-East made lights.

Bezel/Head: The head of the light contains a glass lens, a smooth reflector and a 0.5 Watt LED. Initially I had reported that the lens was polycarbonate, but a reader (who had their lens break after a drop) confirmed that it is glass. The lens is recessed for protection. Behind this assembly is the boost circuit which takes the 1.5V from a single AA cell and increases the voltage to the point necessary to drive the 0.5W LED.

Output: Output is in the form of a rather unusual beam. With most lights you see a narrow central spot, a wider corona around the central spot which is a little dimmer, and then a very wide spillbeam. With this light there is a medium-sized smooth central spot with absolutely no discernible corona. Instead the goes right to the dimmer spillbeam surrounding the spot. As is typical of 0.5W lights, the beam is a little on the blue-purple side of white.

Beam at one meter at target center

Runtime Plot: With just a single AA alkaline cell you can expect almost 5 hours to 50% output and about 9 hours before it has dropped to an almost unusable level.

Runtime completed with Tianqiu brand batteries.

Switch: The switch is very simple. Tighten the head for on, loosen for off. That’s it. An O-ring provides some resistance to twisting and there is a spring in the tailcap to keep the cell from being overly compressed.

Seals / Water Resistance: Water resistance is good, but there is no o-ring in the tailcap where it attaches to the body. I’d still give it a “dunkable” rating since the tailcap does connect tightly. A little silicone grease on the tailcap threads will help prevent the incidental entry of water into the light. If water does get in, disassemble the light up as much as possible without tools and let it dry before using again.

Ergonomics: It is lightweight, easy to handle, and the checkering provides ample gripping surfaces. The twist-head switch is very easy to operate and is quite smooth.

Size compared to a common 2AA aluminum light

Batteries: A typical, easy to find AA alkaline cell powers the light. No other cell type is mentioned as acceptable, therefore using rechargeables or lithium cells is at your own risk. To change out the battery simply remove the head, drop out the old, and drop in a new cell, positive up. Reattach the head and you’re ready to go.

Accessories: A split-ring keyring with swivel is attached to the tail of the light and can be removed.

What I Liked: Small, compact, easy to use, good output, good runtime, commonly available battery, stands on end, uses only one battery (how many times have you only been able to find 1 battery in the drawer…).

What I Didn’t Like: Nothing serious.

Picky Little Things: A few nicks and scratches on tailcap. It looks like they happened as part of the machining because they are anodized, and the anodize process happens later. Also, the blue tint of the Security Quality LED causes slightly poorer color rendition at the red end of the spectrum, but this is typical of 0.5W LEDs.

Conclusions: The Advancedmart 0.5W AA twist-head pocket light is a very passable flashlight. Good for general use, you can take it camping, hiking, throw it in your briefcase, bag, purse, or glovebox and have reliable light when you need it. Batteries are easy to find and the boost circuit gives you good runtime before you’ll need to replace the battery. Not the smallest or the brightest, but a good light nonetheless.