Maritime Security

Naval Intel Week – CIMSEC

By Dmitry Filipoff
This week CIMSEC will be featuring articles submitted in response to our call for articles on the future of naval intelligence.
Naval intelligence is only growing in its usefulness and criticality. Whether it be tactical intelligence…

Infrastructure & Trade

Submissions Due: April 19, 2021Week Dates: May 3-7, 2021Article Length: 1000-3000 wordsSubmit to:
By Jimmy Drennan
CIMSEC is partnering with Maersk Line, Limited to launch the Project Trident call for articles on maritime infrastruct…

1980s Maritime Strategy Series

By Dmitry Filipoff
This week CIMSEC is running an interview series on the U.S. Navy’s 1980s Maritime Strategy. Through discussions with those helped conceive and advocate for this historic strategy, important lessons on the maritime dimension of great …