Steinel Motion Sensor is 140-2 Black, 140° Infrared Movement Detector, 14m Range, Swiveling, Max. 1000 W or 6 LED Lights [Energy Class A+]

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About this item

  • This motion sensor can be adjusted horizontally and vertically for a targeted detection along the building with a 140° angle of coverage
  • The range of the motion detector reaches up to 14 m so the IS 140-2 surveys great areas
  • Spherical Fresnel lenses that detect people with great precision and provide a uniquely constant reach
  • The optical system swivels through 180° and tilts through 90° for exact adjustment of the detection zone
  • The detection zone can also be customised using the shrouds provided. Housing is uv resistant plastic. Response value luminosity is 2 to 2000 lx
  • The IS 140-2 infrared motion detector is wired up and mounted to the wall or corner quickly and easily – the corner wall mounts required are available as accessories
SKU: B002J93FU2
Weight: 170 g
Dimensions: 7 x 8.6 x 9.5 cm; 170 Grams
Brand: STEiNEL
Model: 4007841608811
Colour: Black
Colour: Black

From the manufacturer

Intelligent Sensor Technology by STEINEL

With even wider adjustment ranges horizontally and vertically for precise detection around the house within a detection angle of 140°, a greater range (up to 14 m) and more detection levels, the IS 140-2 ensures an even more extensive detection.

Better than ever, its optical system with precision, spherical lenses detects people with even greater accuracy and provides a uniquely constant reach.

Wall- or Corner Mounting

Our Company

STEINEL develops and manufactures sensor lights in its own factories in Europe. Made in Europe is our winning formula – and has been for over 50 years. Our products are renowned around the world for their easy handling and their longevity. Convince yourself!

IS 140-2

The Classic Among Infrared Sensors

The setting options: The optical system, which tilts through 90° and swivels through 180°, allows for a precise adjustment of the detection zone. Additionally, the detection zone can be limited with the included shrouds.

The time setting and the twilight threshold are easily adjustable via rotary controls on the bottom of the sensor. The corner wall mount is available as an accessory.

Adjustable Motion Sensor

The zone of detection can be adapted to the specific local conditions by adjusting the lens, which swivells through 90° and tilts through 180°. Additionally, the angle of detection can be limited with the included lens covers.

The Pyro Sensor

This electric module reacts as soon as the infrared thermal radiation within the detection zone changes. This causes a voltage jump which is then converted into an electronic impulse, which switches the light on or off.

Heat Radiation

Due to their body heat humans emit infrared radiation. Infrared sensor technology uses this radiation to detect movement and to react accordingly.


The reach of infrared sensors depends on the direction of movement. With tangential movements (parallel to the sensor) the reach is about 14 m on average, which is shortened when moving directly towards the sensor (radial movement). To attain the maximum reach the optimal mounting height of 2 m should be given.

Time setting

Time Setting (8 sec. – 35 min.)

Adjustable time period in which the light stays on after a movement is detected.


Twilight Threshold (2 – 2000 lx)

When the light level drops below the set brightness level the sensor is activated.


Reach 14 m

Max. reach in which movement is registered when moving across the detection zone.

IP Rating

Dust- and Splashproof IP54

No damaging dust ingress and protection against splashwater from all directions.

IS 360-3
Passive infrared sensor
Point of use In – and outdoor In – and outdoor In – and outdoor In – and outdoor In – and outdoor In – and outdoor
Mounting Wall, corner Wall Wall Wall, ceiling Wall, corner Ceiling
Angle of detection 180° with 90° angle of aperture 140° 130° 120° 240° with 180° angle of aperture 360° with 180° angle of aperture
Swivelling range 180° 50° 60° 160° Fine adjustment
Tilting range 90° 90° 160°
Reach max. 12 m or 5 m max. 14 m max. 12 m max. 10 m max. 12 m max. 12 m
Twilight threshold 2 – 2.000 lx 2 – 2.000 lx 2 – 2.000 lx 2 – 2.000 lx 2 – 2.000 lx 2 – 1.000 lx
Time setting 10 sec. – 15 min. 8 sec. – 35 min. 8 sec. – 35 min. 8 sec. – 35 min. 10 sec. – 15 min. 10 sec. – 15 min.
Max. output 1000 W 1000 W 600 W 500 W 1000 W 2000 W