Steinel LED-Floodlight XLED Home 2 XL Graphite, 2120 lm, 180° Motion Detector, 20 W, Fully Swivelling LED Panel, Warm White Light Colour

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About this item

  • The free-swivelling LED panel of the spot lighting can be flexibly adjusted up to 180° and thus can be adjusted in any direction
  • With only 20 W consumption the external floodlight illuminates your entrance, courtyard, garden and terrace with a brightness of 2120 lumens
  • Simple time setting (8 sec – 35 minutes) and twilight setting (2-2000 lux) on the underside of the sensor allows an individual adjustment of the external flooder
  • The integrated cooling system consists of HCMC (high-temperature conductive magnesium composite), extends the life of the LEDs up to 50.000 h
  • Rotatable infrared sensor (180° horizontal, 90° vertical) ensures precise detection (180° detection angle) of movements with a maximum range of 10 m

Product description

Colour:Graphite |  Style Name:with motion sensor

Product Description

Big Brother – Daylight light for large flashlights. 

Steinel Sensor LED Spotlight XLED home 2 XL for those who like it particularly bright or have to illuminate larger surfaces. With the freely swivelling LED panel, which can be individually adjusted up to 180°, the LED floodlight allows any desired lighting situation. With a light output of 2120 lumens and a low consumption of 20 W, the spotlight is not only flexible, but also energy-saving.

The cooling system of the panel consists of HCMC (High Conductive Magnesium Composite), which dissipates the heat perfectly despite minimal weight, thus minimizing heat development and maximizing the lifetime of the LEDs. The weight could be so greatly reduced by this material that on the one hand the assembly is facilitated and at the same time it can be easily installed on heat insulation composite systems (ETICS). The highly efficient LED technology, combined with the opal lens, ensures maximum light comfort. 

The XLED home 2 XL is available as a single flood light with motion sensor in white, black and graphite.

Box Contains

1 x LED Flood Light
1 x Mounting Accessories
1 x Cover

Dimensions: 21.4 x 18 x 16.1 cm; 630 Grams
Model: 030056
Part: 030056
Manufacture: Steinel

From the manufacturer

XLED Home 2 XL

Radiantly beautiful

Now even better. XLED home 2 XL sensor spotlight for even greater safety.

XLED Home 2 XL Graphit

Our company

Steinel develops and produces sensor lights in its own plants in Europe. Made in Europe is Steinel's recipe for success – and has been for over 50 years. The products are valued worldwide for their good functionality, ease of use and longevity. Convince yourself.

XLED home 2 XL

Big Brother. Bright light for large areas.

The XLED home 2 XL is the first choice for all those who like it particularly bright or need to illuminate larger areas. Highly efficient LEDs ensure perfect illumination of driveways, courtyards and gardens with only 20 watts of energy consumption. In combination with the opal lens, the spotlight ensures optimum lighting conditions around the house. Maximum lighting comfort is achieved by the opal cover of the LED panel, which ensures a homogeneous light image and prevents annoying glare.

  • Bright illumination at 2120 lumens and only 20 W consumption
  • Simple installation due to the Steinel assembly concept
  • Mounting accessories (screws, dowels etc. ) included in delivery
  • Reliable motion detection with 180° detection angle and max. 10 m range
  • Fully swivelling LED panel for a maximum of flexibility
  • Warm white light (3000K)


XLED Home 2 XL

Steinel LED-System

HCMC cooling system

Passive infrared sensor

Fully swivelling LED panel

The LED panel in flat-screen design can be swivelled through 180° in all directions and can be individually adapted to local conditions. In combination with the sensor, which can be swivelled independently of the LED panel, the spotlight can be individually adapted to the local conditions.

Steinel LED-System

Strong, high intensity, warm white (3000 K) light due to the integrated Steinel Power-LEDs.

In addition, the opal cover of the light panel prevents glare from the spotlight.

HCMC cooling system

Higher efficiency of the entire system, lower weight and long LED service life (50,000 h) thanks to the magnesium composite cooling system used.

Thanks to its reduced weight and modern lightweight construction, the spotlight can be used anywhere on the building and is also suitable for installation on composite thermal insulation systems.

Passive infrared sensor

Individual adjustment of the detection range by means of the motion detector, which can be swivelled 180° horizontally and 90° vertically.

This ensures precise and reliable detection of movements.

Convincing technology

Infrared pyrosensor

Human thermal radiation

High-tech material


Infrared pyrosensor

This electronic module reacts when the infrared heat radiation changes within its detection range, i. e. when a person enters the detection range. The voltage jump caused by this is converted by the system into an electronic pulse that switches the light on.

Human thermal radiation

Due to their body heat humans emit infrared radiation. Infrared sensor technology uses this radiation to detect movement and to react accordingly.

High-tech material

In addition to UV-resistant plastic, which ensures an attractive appearance even after years, a magnesium composite is used for the cooling system. This material from the aerospace industry is being used here for the first time in series production.


The range of infrared sensors depends on the direction of movement. With the XLED home 2 the range is max. 10 m with tangential movement (parallel to the sensor), which is shortened with radialmovement (towards the sensor).

In addition, the detection zone can be restricted by the shrouds supplied.

XLED home 2 XLED home 2 SL XLED home 2 XL XLED home 2 XL SL
Swivel range sensor horizontal / vertical 180° / 90° 180° / 90°
Horizontal / vertical swivel range spotlights 180° / 180° 180° / 180° 180° / 180° 180° / 180°
Angle of coverage 180° 180°
Max. reach 10 m 10 m
Output 14 W 13 W 20 W 20 W
Brightness 1484 lm 1443 lm 2120 lm 1608 lm
Twilight setting 2-2000 lx 2-2000 lx
Time setting 8 Sek. – 35 Min. 8 Sek. – 35 Min.