HEIMAN Interconnected Smoke Alarm Detector with Over 492 ft Transmission Range Wireless Interlinkable Fire Alarm With Replaceable Battery-Operated, EN14604/CE Standard(3 Pcs)

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About this item

  • 【Smart Interconnected Smoke Detectors】Wireless interconnect uses DIP switch setup to connect the alarms, without any electrical wiring needed. When one alarm activates, all interlinked smoke alarms will sound, it gives clear indication of what the danger is and where it is located.【Attention:】 this products have 2 logo ,grey logo or orange logo,both of this function is same,just logo color difference.Both logos are shipped randomly.
  • 【High Accurate Response】Our alarm detector featuring a reliable 10 year life latest photoelectric sensor technology, this smoke alarm responds to hazardous smoke quicker than traditional alarms with over 85 dB loud alarm and a rapid flashing LED indicator, giving you extra time to control the fire or safely escape.
  • 【10-Year Battery Life】10-year battery-operated fire detector could reduce the trouble of frequent replacement. Keep your family safe by providing reliable and 24/7 uninterrupted protection so you can sleep safe and sound.
  • 【Easy to Interlink and Use】For intended interconnected alarms, set their DIP switch to the same ID(16 groups in total). Only alarms with the same ID can make up an interconnection group. a maximum of 40 wireless smoke alarms can be interconnected; Wireless technology with over 492 ft (150 m) transmission range (in open air).
  • 【Test and Smart Silence Button】Constantly monitors itself and quickly warns you of faults or a weak battery so that you can identify and resolve the problem quickly for comprehensive protection.if non-emergency smoke causes nuisance alerts, you can easily silence them by pressing the test/silence button event of a known false alarm.
SKU: B089Y8M5J4
Weight: 1.08 kg
Size: One size
Dimensions: 18.3 x 17.7 x 15.7 cm; 1.08 Kilograms
Part: 633PHW
Colour: 3pcs
Batteries Required: Yes
Batteries Included: Lithium
Manufacture: HEIMAN
Colour: 3pcs
Reference: 633PHW
Size: One size