SEBSON Smoke Alarm 10 Year Battery incl. Magnetic Fixing, Smoke Detector GS506, photoelectric Smoke Alarm, 9V DC Lithium Battery included, DIN EN 14604 certified

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About this item

  • SEBSON Smoke Alarm GS506 powered with a 10 year lithium long life battery, included Magnetic holder.
  • Clean and quick installation with the self-adhesive magnetic holder.
  • LED light with self-test funcion and test button for test funcion of the smoke detector.
  • Early warning when the battery is low.
  • Certified according to DIN EN 14604.

Product Description

Smoke detector GS506

Protect yourself and your family with the GS506 smoke detector.

Product features
  • Model: GS506 (smoke alarm)
  • Dimensions: Ø100x37mm
  • Temperature range: 0°C to +45°C
  • Alarm volume: ≥ 85dB (A) within 3 meters
  • Certifications: EN 14604
  • Battery specification: 9V DC block battery

10 year smoke alarm

DIN EN 14604 certified, incl. magnetic holder

This smoke detector is equipped with a 10 year long life battery. The smoke detector is used for early detection of dangerous smoke development. As soon as smoke enters the inside of the device, a loud signal is emitted. With an early warning system, the smoke detector lets you know when it is time to change the battery. And the self test (every 30 – 40 seconds) shows that you are still protected. With the test button you can also perform a test yourself at any time.

  • Low battery warning
  • Self test every 30 – 40 seconds
  • 10 year long life battery

Incl. magnetic holder for quick and easy mounting

With the magnetic holder for smoke detectors you can easily and quickly attach your smoke detectors. The magnetic holder consists of two self adhesive magnetic pads. These magnetic pads each have a strong self adhesive material (3M adhesive) on one side. One magnetic pad is attached to the ceiling and the other to the back of the smoke detector. The magnetic attachment or magnetic holder is not suitable for vinyl wallpaper, polystyrene, non-stick, siliconised or teflon coated surfaces.


DIN EN 14604

Our smoke alarms are all tested and certified according to the DIN EN 14604 standard. This means that the smoke detector fulfils legal requirements and performance criteria which are specified in the product standard.

Long life battery

With the 10 year long term batteries in our smoke detectors you are protected for a very long time. All smoke detectors are equipped with an LED light, which indicates the function of the smoke detector and thus the durability of the battery.

Photoelectric smoke detector

The core of a photoelectronic smoke detector is the "optical chamber". The optical chamber contains an infrared light emitting diode and a sensitive light sensor. As soon as smoke enters the optical chamber, the light is scattered. When the scattering causes sufficient light to fall on the sensitive light sensor, the alarm is activated.

ModelPower supplyBatteryDimensionsTemperature rangeAlarm volumeCertificationsMagnetic pad includedIncluded in delivery
GS506 (smoke detector)GS506 (smoke detector)GS526 (smoke detector)GS526 (smoke detector)GS536GC (smoke detector)GS522 (smoke detector)
9V DC block battery9V DC block battery3V DC 0.02A (CR123A) Lithium battery3V DC 0.02A (CR123A) Lithium battery9V DC block battery (Alkaline battery)3V DC (CR123A) Lithium battery
10 year long life battery (replaceable)10 year long life battery (replaceable)10 year long life battery (not replaceable)10 year long life battery (not replaceable)5 year battery (replaceable)10 year long life battery (not replaceable)
0°C to +45°C0°C to +45°C+5°C to +45°C+5°C to +45°C+0°C to +37°C+5°C to +45°C
≥ 85dB (A) within 3 meters≥ 85dB (A) within 3 meters≥ 85dB (A) within 3 meters≥ 85dB (A) within 3 meters≥ 85dB (A) within 3 meters≥ 85dB (A) within 3 meters
EN 14604EN 14604EN 14604, Q-certifiedEN 14604, Q-certifiedEN 14604EN 14604, Q-certified
1 x smoke detector GS506; 1 x long life battery; 2 x fixing screws1 x smoke detector GS506; 1 x long life battery; 2 x fixing screws; 1x magnet mounting1 x smoke detector GS526; 2 x fixing screws1 x smoke detector GS526; 2 x fixing screws; 2 x dowels; 1 x magnet mounting1 x smoke detector GS536GC; 2 x fixing screws; 1 x 9V DC block battery1 x smoke detector GS522; 2 x fixing screws; 2 x dowels; 1 x magnet mounting
Weight: 180 g
Size: Pack of 1
Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 3.7 cm; 180 Grams
Part: SD_SET_GS506_MS
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: Yes
Batteries Included: Lithium Metal
Manufacture: SEBSON
Quantity: 1
Reference: SD_SET_GS506_MS
Size: Pack of 1