Retekess T112 Restaurant Buzzer Pager System 20 Pagers Wireless Calling System 12H 360mAh Contactless Waiting Queuing Long Range 3 Calling Modes 999 Channel Bar Fast Food Snack Hotel Hospital

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  • Pagers system is suitable for clinic restaurant and hotel that master uses calling keyboard to call customer’s buzzer please come to finish his order; No aloud broadcoast and no crowded queue so customer will be more satisfied and staff will be more efficient
  • Keypad has screen so you can see number you’ve entered; Calling keypad can storage and charge 20 pagers at once and the working distance is 150-200m in building 500m in the square
  • Restaurant buzzers are rechargeable and 10 hours standby time is enough to use; Pager has power button to stop pager vibration; Number of pager can be changed 1-999 so you can buy more pagers if 20 pagers are not enough
  • Wireless calling system has 3 calling modes which can use different call modes in different environment; 2 colors of flash make you know whether the battery is fully charged or whether the pager works well or whether it needs to be charged
  • Has CE certificate so you can use it with confidence; Usually used in Restaurant Hospital Food court Pet Care Clinic Park where many customers are waiting for their turn
Weight: 2.5 kg
Dimensions: 32.4 x 32.2 x 10 cm; 2.5 Kilograms
Model: T-112
Part: FGBF9402A
Colour: Black
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: Yes
Batteries Included: Lithium Ion
Manufacture: Retekess
Colour: Black
Quantity: 1

Product Description

retekess calling system
wireless calling pager system

wireless paging system
Package includes of restaurant buzzer:

1 x Keypad transmitter

20 x Pagers

1 x Power adapter

1 x Antenna

1 x English manual

Retekess T112 Wireless Calling Pager System Restaurant Buzzer

With this calling system, you will

  • Reduce the congestion of people in the order area and waiting area.
  • Customers can find a comfortable place to wait or entertain while waiting.
  • The staff no longer needs to shout the customer, the restaurant environment will be more orderly.
  • The staff does not have to worry about can not finding the customer when the order is ready. The staff can call the customer by this call system directly to ask him to come over.
  • The staff no longer has to go back and forth to send a meal, reducing physical exertion.
  • Reduced the workload of sending meals, the staff will be more efficient. The boss can also reduce the number of waiters.
  • Save effort, save money, beautiful and efficient.
  • Orderly environment, efficient staff, satisfied customer, business will get better and better.

restaurant pagers

pagers for restaurant

pagers system

pagers can be added

  • A pager system can add more pagers up to 999 pagers.
  • If your business grows and 20 pagers are not enough, you can add more pagers instead of pager system.

3 calling modes

  • Beep+flash calling mode is suitable with food trunk or other openning area restaurant.
  • Vibration+flash calling mode is suitable with hospital or coffee shop, it will not disturb other people.
  • Vibration+beep+flash is suitable with noisy places, customer will not miss the calling when pager receives the signal.

long distance

  • AM tech make the pager system have a long and stable calling distance.
  • 150-200 meters in the building, about 300 meters in open area.

restaurant buzzers

restaurant buzzer system

wireless queue calling system pager

wireless queue calling system pager


Waiter calls the customer that his order is ready. Chef call a waiter come here to bring customer’s food.


Doctor call patient back, tell him the diagnosis. Nurse call a patient it’s his turn to see the doctor


Manager use keypad to call the drivers.

The driver's pager vibrates and the driver drives into the warehouse.


Supervisor call a staff it’s time to go somewhere.

Restaurant Buzzer Restaurant Buzzer pager system pager system Pager system wireless calling system
Pager 1 5 30 20 16 18
Can call pager number up to 999 999 999 996 998 98
Waterproof IP32
Calling mode Beep+flash, Vibration+flash, Vibration+beep+flash Beep+flash, Vibration+flash, Vibration+beep+flash Beep+flash, Vibration+flash, Vibration+beep+flash buzzer+vibrate+flash,vibrate+flash flash+beep; flash buzzer+flash, buzzer+vibrate+flash
Flash color Red Red red Red Red Blue
Pager standby time 20 Hours 20 Hours 20 Hours 30 Hours 20 Hours 18 Hours
Features The color of the light indicates the battery status. Easy and quick to set up The color of the light indicates the battery status. Easy and quick to set up The color of the light indicates the battery status. Easy and quick to set up Dual Charge Wireless Calling System White looks clean and elegant; suitable with hospital restaurant, easy to clean and disinfect; keyboard waterproof
buzzers for restaurants



  • Standby current: 10mA
  • Working current: 75mA (vibration)
  • Power: built-in 360mAh rechargeable lithium battery
  • Charging voltage: DC 5V
  • Size: 3.9 x 1.9 x 0.4 inch
  • Weight: 0.09lb

Calling keypad

  • Standby current: 24mA
  • Transmit current: 100mA
  • Working voltage: DC 5V/6A power adapter
  • Adapter: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Size: 11.8 x 5.9 x 1.3 inch
  • Weight: 1.8lb

wireless calling system pager system