Death of businessman sad comment on public security

The mysterious disappearance and murder of Somali-American businessman Bashir Mohammed is a tragedy that should worry every Kenyan. The news of his body being found in a Kerugoya mortuary comes only weeks after four young men disappeared in Kitengela only for their bodies to be found floating in a river in Murang’a. There seems to be an absurd trend in which people are kidnapped in this day and age yet the government has invested billions on security surveillance system meant to resolve such crimes.

It is a chilling new reality that the police must nip in the bud. After the murder of the Kitengela four (the body of the fourth has never been found) Inspector General Henry Mutyambai formed a team to investigate and get to the bottom of the matter. So far, the public has not been informed as to the findings of the police.

Kenya is a country governed by the rule of law.  It matters not what someone is thought or believed to have done. The law provides that the police must investigate and prosecute the suspect.

If its business rivalry or any bad blood that has led to the deaths of these individuals, police need to bring the culprits to book.

These disappearances only add to the body of suspicion that security forces have a hand in these murders.

At a time when the country is heading to a general election, it is important that police move with speed and reassure the public.

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