Cops often deployed for high-risk duties: Maharashtra Police report over 6,300 cases, 71 deaths in last one month

THE Maharashtra Police have reported over 6,300 Covid-19 cases and 71 deaths among its personnel and officers over the last one month, as many members of the force remain deployed on the ground to implement the strict lockdown across the state. As of Tuesday morning, Maharashtra police have reported a total of 42,410 Covid-19 cases — 5,165 officers and 37,245 constabulary staff- among its total strength. Of these, 3,208 are active cases.

A total of 439 deaths have till now been reported among the over two lakh strong Maharashtra police force. The deceased include 37 officers and 402 constabulary staff. As on April 11, exactly a month ago, the number of cases were 36,089 and the number of deaths till then was 368.

Over the last one month, 6,321 news cases and 71 deaths have been reported among the police force. These comprise 15 per cent of the total cases and 16 per cent of the total deaths since the pandemic began in March last year. An officer from Maharashtra Police headquarters said, “The month of April has reported the highest number of cases and deaths among the state police force since the pandemic began.

The majority of the police force is currently deployed in multitude of duties for the implementation of the lockdown. The deployment at Covid care centres has been intensified, and also for transport of essential supplies in addition to routine police duties. Police are among the highest risk frontline workers.

The first round of vaccination is almost done and the round of second doses is also in full swing.” “There have been continuous efforts to make sure that police personnel get the best possible treatment and that too as soon as possible. It’s not that there are no issues… and we are dealing with them at the highest level possible.

Aspects like bed availability, post-Covid care, testing, and quarantining of high-risk contacts is being monitored at unit level and headquarters level as well,” added the officer.

Since the beginning of the lockdown, the state police force has been deployed in various high-exposure and high-risk duties such as guarding the boundaries of districts, containment zones, isolation wards, quarantine facilities and hospitals.

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