Securex launches home security solution, e-commerce portal

Security solutions provider-Securex Agencies has launched a smart home security kit targeting domestic residences.   Branded as the ‘Rafiki by Securex’ do-it-yourself (DIY) home security kit, the solution will help curb the increasing burglary incidences in domestic homes. This is by providing surveillance, deterrence, self-monitoring, and response subscription, all via smartphone application.  

The ‘Rafiki by Securex’ solution is designed to offer affordable security solutions to all those looking for an affordable, easy to manage security system which they can access at any time, from anywhere using their home Wi-Fi connection, the firm says.  The basic kit will retail  at Sh6,500 and will come equipped with a router and intrusion detection capabilities. Users will also have the ability to purchase additional security accessories that suit their different needs, such as door contact sensors, motion sensors, cameras, and even smart lighting.   

“Over the years offering security solutions to our customers, we have recognised that most security services are not always available to the average Kenyan household. Security should not be a privilege; it is our basic right,” Securex CEO Tony Sahni said. Rafiki by Securex will offer a range of smart home products, that is, security kits, smart locks, and lighting solutions such as motion sensors and movable CCTV cameras which users can monitor on their mobile phones. 

According to Sahni, security is a crucial element for the country’s economic development. He notes that the government has played its role by allocating a budget of Sh168 billion for the 2020/2021 financial year, to ensure that security agencies are well equipped to help fight crime in Kenya. “The onus is now on us to take that additional step and take control of our personal security and contribute to the safety and in turn growth of our nation.

The government cannot do it on its own,”Sahni said. With an easily accessible digital solution, Securex believes it help prevent, detect and deter criminals, leading to the subsequent reduction of crime in Nairobi,said Tony.   The Economic Survey 2020, by the Kenya National Bureau of  Statistics, indicated that there was an upsurge in crime in 2019.

The total number of crimes reported to the police increased by 5.8 per cent from 88,268 in 2018 to 93,411 in 2019, with criminals outnumbering the police.

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