Chennai: Security guard strangulates 47-year-old woman to death; ties hands and legs

Representational Image  Chennai: On Saturday night, a 47-year-old woman was found dead with her hands and legs tied at her home in Chennai’s Madhavaram region. The city police are on the lookout for a suspect.

According to a report, the woman identified as Kalaivani was strangled by her own security guard in the Thanikachalam Nagar area. The police suspect Rakesh killed the woman when she called him to clean and paint a room.   The report suggests that Rakesh has been a newly appointed security guard.

The owner of the house, Ravi gave him a room to stay on the ground floor where the security guard then moved in with his wife and two children. According to the Times of India, report, four gold bangles, a 15-sovereign mangalsutra, and Rs 10,000 in cash were also missing from the house.      Special teams have been fanned out to several places to nab the suspect. The police team is also following the CCTV camera footage and the investigation is on in this matter.

The police record also suggests that none of the neighbours heard any unusual noise from the house, according to the police.  Madhavaram police while checking CCTV camera footage found out that the security guard, his wife, and two children boarding an autorickshaw at 12:30 pm, reported TOI. The investigation officer also added that Rakesh killed the woman when she called him to the first floor to clean and paint a room.     


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