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Swann BNC Security Cable 3-in-1 extension for Pro

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  • Integrated with DC power cable for CCTV video cameras with BNC connectors
  • Double shielded with aluminum Foil insulation
  • DC power cable (tear away) integrated with co-ax
  • Cable impedance: 75 ohms

Product description

Size Name:30M

TheSwann BNC Security Cableis a3-in-1 extensionfor Pro, Dome and PTZ Cameras. This100ft / 30mcable is an easy to connect extension cable, specifically designed to suitSwann Pro-Series Hd Security Systems(Including Tic 4500 Series).

Add100Ft/ 30M of distance to yoursecurity system, with this tight lockingcable, that cannot accidentally disconnect.

Swann’sBNC Security Cableis also double-shielded and weather resistant, allowing it to withstand harsh conditions and send power to yoursecurity camera

Thiscableis ideal for both home and office interiors. 

SKU: B01M8IG956

From the manufacturer

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