Dedrone and BlackBerry partner to counter unauthorised drone activity

BlackBerry Ltd. has announced that it has partnered with Dedrone, a globally renowned market and technology solutions company in airspace security, to deliver advanced counter-drone technology to secure the world’s most critical sites. 

Advanced counter-drone technology

As part of this embedded technology partnership, Dedrone, is integrating BlackBerry AtHoc software into its products, to enable real-time secure alerts, when a malicious or unauthorised drone is detected in airspace. “When an unauthorised drone enters restricted airspace, time is of the essence. The more effectively the on-site personnel can respond, the better their chances of countering whatever the drone is there to do.

BlackBerry AtHoc’s advanced alerting capabilities combined with Dedrone’s drone detection technology, enable our customers to react precisely and in time to control the situation,” said Aaditya Devarakonda, President and Chief Business Officer, Dedrone.

Dedrone technology

The Dedrone technology portfolio combines machine-learning software with state-of-the-art hardware sensors The Dedrone technology portfolio combines machine-learning software with state-of-the-art hardware sensors, electronic attack methods like smart jamming, and defeat weapons to provide early warning, classification of, and mitigation against drone threats. Dedrone’s capabilities are used by hundreds of customers globally, including the U.S. military, allied and coalition forces, correctional facilities, airports, utilities, as well as other public and private organisations.

Integration with BlackBerry AtHoc software

Working with the BlackBerry AtHoc API, Dedrone has integrated directly to BlackBerry AtHoc’s extensive and granular alerting functionality.

This allows the creation of automated, highly targeted alerts based on a range of criteria, including flight zones, drone behaviour, and user groups – for a more efficient, focused response to the presence of an unauthorised drone. “New advanced technologies have the potential to solve some of today’s most pressing challenges, however, they also introduce new security risks,” said Christoph Erdmann, Senior Vice President of Secure Communications, BlackBerry.

Countering rising threat of unauthorised drones

He adds, “Drones are one of the many IoT endpoints that add to the growing chaos that security experts must navigate. We’re excited to partner with Dedrone to offer a critical solution that organisations around the world can use to keep citizens and the public safe.

BlackBerry is a globally renowned company in secure communications and the BlackBerry AtHoc software is used by key organisations around the world, including 70% of the US Federal Government.

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