Travel Bottles Set for Toiletries and Airport Security Containers for Liquids, Makeup and Perfume with Spray Tops and Screw lids with Travel Storage Clear Bag (10 Pcs)


  • ✔️ This Travel Bottle Set comes with 10 Pcs. There are 2 X 80ml bottles, each one has a different style top clip, one better suited for moisturiser and one for sun cream. There is 1 x 50ml pump style bottle and 1 x 50ml spray bottle. There is 2 x 50ml small jars with screw on lids for lotions. The kit comes with a 1 x 10ml scooper to help add your make up into the bottles, and a 1 x 5cm funnel for perfume. There is also a 5cm pipette. The sets last pc is the clear travel bag which is a perfect s
  • ✔️ The bottles are made from clear plastic to make sure you know what liquids or creams are inside the bottles. To help make sure they are secure and to avoid leaks, the plastic is strong and the lids are made to ensure they are tightly sealed when closed. The spray bottle has an extra plastic top to help make sure it does not function in your bag. The pump bottle also has a plastic clip to make sure it does not disburse by accident. Lastly, the clear plastic bag helps make sure that if makeup d
  • ✔️ Hassle free travel. We have tried to include all the types of bottles and jars you would need to help you travel light and easily. Whether you want to have toiletries for the flight or hotel, these containers are wonderful at helping you bring your make up bag in less than half the space! We tried to find the right balance between saving space and giving you the perfect sized bottles for your cosmetics.
  • ✔️ The cosmetic bag that comes in the set is clear plastic too and is perfect for airport security regulations. It is a life saver to have all your cosmetics and perfumes and creams all set out ready before the hassle and stress in the airport.
  • ✔️ Warranty – This item has a 100% warranty on it! If you have any issues with the product please message us!

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