Ati Nomad Airport Security Compliant Toiletry Bags for Hand Luggage Liquids 10 Pack


  • 100% COMPLIANT with all airlines’ requirements for carry-on liquids bag
  • CONVENIENT HANDLE to carry liquid toiletries easily while waiting to go through airport security checks
  • COMPLETELY TRANSPARENT with no logo or colour zip to avoid repacking in awkward situations
  • PERFECT SIZE 191 x 191 mm to fit most important toiletry and cosmetic liquids for a comfortable flight
  • RESEALABLE and REUSABLE with strong grip seal to last you for many travels to come

Product description

Size Name:10 Pack |  Colour Name:Clear

Be ready to travel smoothly through any airport with Ati Nomad’s clear, plastic Airport sk© Security SAVER SALE Liquid Bags. Many airports and airlines in the UK and around the world are not only being very strict on the size of the liquid containers that you travel with, but also the size and design of the bag that you put it in. Some airlines do not accept clear plastic bags with colour zips or any bag with logos printed on them. Every airline requires passengers to pack their carry on toiletries in one, transparent, resealable plastic bag. It must measure no more than 20 x 20cm and hold no more than 1 litre. So, pack your small toiletries in Ati Nomad’s Airport sk© Security SAVER SALE Liquids Bag pre-travel to avoid embarrassing situations at the airport.


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