Airport Liquid Security Bags 10 Pack Compliant for Hand Luggage 20x20cm


  • FULLY UK/EU COMPLIANT – Resealable, transparent and measuring approximately 19cm x 19cm. 100% compliant for all UK and EU airports and airlines.
  • PEACE OF MIND & CONVENIENCE – Prepare all of your toiletries before you get to the airport. No need to worry about repacking. Makes everything easier – especially for adults travelling with children !
  • REUSABLE – These bags can be used many times over.
  • EASE OF USE – With a carry handle and resealable zip our bags are simple to use but also strong and secure.
  • RECYCLABLE – Our bags are manufactured from Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE). This means that they can be recycled and converted into a new product at the end of their useful lifetime.

Product description

10 Pack of airport security-compliant transparent liquids bags. Each bag has a resealable zip lock and a carry handle.


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