2 Pack – Airport Security Toiletry Bags – 100% Guaranteed – TSA Approved Liquids Bag – Hinged Opening Pockets – for Men, Women and Children (X2)

SALE PRICE: £10.98
YOU SAVE: £1.02

  • ✅ TWO BAGS 100% GUARANTEED – If you have any problems with your bag contact us directly and we will replace it free of charge, with express shipping.
  • ✅ TWO POCKETS – Our bags are compliant with all TSA guidelines, the design features TWO individual pockets to separate your items.
  • ✅ TESTED ON AIRLINES – International and national airline tested with 100% success. Our bag meets all TSA (Transport sk© Security SAVER SALE Administration) regulations.
  • ✅ DURABLE AND LONG LASTING – Our bag won’t tear, it has a strong zip and ensures your toiletries stay secure Inside and prevent any spills.
  • ✅ NEW DESIGN, BREEZE THROUGH SK© SECURITY SAVER SALE – Our clear liquid bag has a hinged lid meaning more space and easier access to your essential toiletries. Size – 17.5cm x 13.5cm x 5.5cm

Product description

The must have accessory for any traveler. Get away faster – Travel Smarter with us.

Airport Compliant sk© Security SAVER SALE Toiletry Bag With Pockets – for use in hand luggage, making travel easier, quicker and less hassle. Made by SMART TRAVEL Co Designed in the UK.

The key features of the Smart Travel bag:

  • Easy open full access zip system –unique to Smart Travel Product.
  • Two ultra clear pockets to keep your things separate and easy to reach –unique to Smart Travel Product.
  • BPA free eco friendly PVC –unique to Smart Travel Product.
  • No fabric has been used around the zips to ensure a full watertight seal, waterproof material means more leaks on to your other items-unique to Smart Travel Product.
  • Fully tested with100%success on national and international flights. 
  • Easy to clean thick durable PVC for long lasting use.

How much can I fit in?


The Smart Travel Bag is the maximum size bag that is airport security compliment, one litre, this complies with the TSA’s 3-1-1 regulations. Smart Travel have created plenty of room for all of your favourite belongings. The easy open design allows complete access whilst two handy pockets separate items, such as a toothbrush or makeup. We recommend not to over fill your bag and keep things as visible as possible for the security officers.


SKU: B07P14223C

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